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About Us

EnergyNext works as a buyer's agent, project manager and consultant, representing business, institutional and municipal energy consumers and groups in New York and the Northeast. The professionals at EnergyNext have the experience and knowledge to address dynamic marketplace, technological, fiscal and regulatory conditions.

Since our founding in 1988, EnergyNext (formerly Salerni & Boyd, Inc.) has brought significant cost savings to a wide range of major energy consumers in business, industry, government, non-profit, and residential sectors. EnergyNext has helped clients to reduce their energy expenditures, implement energy-saving technology, and plan wisely for their future energy needs.

What we do

  • Establish and manage energy aggregation (group buying) programs for more than a dozen chambers of commerce, several statewide trade associations, a multi-county municipal group and other clients.
  • Monitor markets for electricity, natural gas and other sources.
  • Help customers evaluate and access innovative energy supply, conservation, and renewable energy options.
  • Work with large commercial and industrial customers in energy commodity procurement, demand response and other risk management approaches.
  • Participate in Public Service Commission proceedings and monitor state and federal energy policies.

Our expertise

  • Energy markets and utility deregulation
  • Group buying programs (aggregation)
  • Demand-response programs (NY-ISO and NYSERDA)
  • Energy efficiency measures (buildings, lighting, HVAC)
  • Alternative energy sources (landfill gas, wind power)
  • State and federal energy policies

News about Energy Next

EnergyNext, Inc. announces a new strategic partnership with Satori Energy of Chicago, Illinois. Together, EnergyNext and Satori will bring more resources to customers in the New York State market, robust back-office assets, and industry-leading procurementprocesses.

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